Search by the original reference

This is the most reliable system to find your HR equivalent. Read the number written on the body of the component (flyback transformer, switch mode transformer and tripler) from the broken televisor or monitor.

In case you do not obtain any HR equivalent from your search, try to introduce less characters up to only the initial character to ensure there is not any mistake in entering the reference (spaces or other characters).

      Search by the TV or monitor brand

Select TV or monitor brand in the pull down list of the brand "box".

Write the model of TV or monitor in the box "model" and click on the search icon.

If you do not introduce any character in the box, once you make the search it is going to appear all brand models with all HR equivalents.

Choose the one you searched for and making double click you will access to the HR technical information.

     Información HR

Introduce the HR code, (only model numbers) that you want to get technical information.


  • HR 6214 : type 6214
  • HR I06L20002 : type I06L20002
  • HRT 508 PD : type 508 PD
  • HR E3011014 : type E3011014
  • HR C4817006 : type C4817006
  • HR T004206 : type T004206


  • Simulator measurements
  • Picture
  • Packaging (sizes, weight)
  • Electrical diagram
  • Technical comments
  • Accessories
  • Uses
  • Shop availability