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ADSL splitters and filters - Types and features

The HR splitters and microfilters are ready for the latest technology ADSL2+, which allows video, internet and voice transmission through the same telephone line.

HR has a complete line of products for the ADSL technology. Specially made for the broad band service suppliers, whose DSLAM equipments are in the telephone centrals, as well as for the individual users who contract the ADSL service to the mentioned suppliers.

Based in the HR Know How in design and manufacture of high technology winding as well as multiplayer printed circuit boards, and after the accumulated experience supplying them to main Spanish and American operators. We are proud to launch to the worldwide market the HR ADSL range, which covers the different standards for the broad band operators and companies.

Our value is the total integration of our products

  • Product design
  • Mould design, plastic parts injection and manufacture of printed circuit boards
  • Own robotics engineering for our manufacture processes
  • Permanent reliability tests which prove the constant improvement of our products

The HR splitters range, in the standard models (SAXXXX), as well as in the ST models (SAXXXX-ST) with switch and test, allowing an easy installation with no specific tools required. They become universal because the connections can be done directly with the cables without the need of a connector.

Both series have models for different telephone systems POTS (Plain Old Telephone Lines), RDSI and combined, as well as for different impedances for the telephone equipments.

At the models by country page you can search the HR splitter references used in each country: you must be aware that there could exist operators in some countries, which use a different HR model, not registered in the board. In that case you must just check out the technical features required by each operator, and use the suitable HR splitter.

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HR range

ADSL splitters

  • Easy installation, no cable stripping required, it can also be fixes with RJ11 connectors
  • It includes safe cables fixing
  • Two fixing options: with screws, or with adhesive tape fixed to a plain surface
  • Small size for an easy installation
  • Models for plain lines (POTS): SAP001, SAP020, SAP100, SAP120
  • Models for RDSI lines: SAI001, SAI002
  • Models for combined lines (POTS+RDSI): SAC001, SAC002, SAC003

ADSL ST Splitters

  • It includes a Switch and Test system for easy voice and data maintenance from the same splitter
  • It includes overvoltage modem and line protection with gas discharger
  • Installation with "clamp conector" (previously cable stripped) and it can also be fixed with RJ11 connectors
  • Fixing options: to the wall with screws fixed to a plastic holder allowing the easy splitter removal
  • Models for Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTS): SAP001ST, SAP020ST, SAP100ST, SAP120ST
  • Models for RDSI lines: SAI001ST, SAI002ST
  • Models for combined lines (POTS+RDSI): SAC001ST, SAC002ST, SAC003ST


  • Easy installation with no cable manipulation
  • It includes adhesive tape for an easy fixing at the wall or at the telephone
  • Different models which cover all different location possibilities
  • Simple Microfilters: MFAS001-MFAS101: MFAS001-MFAS101
  • Double Microfilters: MFAD001-MFAD101
  • T Microfilters: MFAT001-MFAT101
  • Alarm Microfilters: MFAA001-MFAA101

AM filter

  • Universal model which avoids the radio electrical interferences from the telephone line cables due to the AM radio commercial emissions
  • Easy installation with terminals by the telephone


  • Custom solutions which allow a high flexibility level in the ADSL lines procedures from the telephone central
  • Models for POTS and RDSI lines, as well as combined in 19" racks of 48, 72 and 360 lines and versions for metallic access