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Ignition transformers

Transformers for ignition circuits, work via provided input voltage (200Vdc –250Vdc) allows to gives the voltage output between (14KVpp – 20KVpp) in secondary winding, to start up the ignition system of the gas, oil or air.

Aplications: Gas igniter, oil igniter, air cleaner, electronic ozonizer.

Series IT10xxx Reference Description Technical information
Ignition transformer HR-IT10001 Ignition Transformer 1-175

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English version (PDF, 36 Kb)

HR-IT10002 Ignition Transformer 1-150
HR-IT10003 Ignition Transformer 1-200
HR-IT10004 Ignition Transformer 1-256


  • High releability due to our encapsulated in epoxy resin 94V-0 support humidity and agresive ambient conditions.
  • Made for work in continuos operation mode.
  • For use in printed circuit boards.
  • Indiferent assembling or working position.
  • Small size

Our value is the total integration of our products

  • Product design
  • Mould and tooling design
  • Own robotics engineering for our manufacture processes
  • Permanent reliability tests which prove the constant improvement of our products