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Encapsulated transformers- types and features

The range of encapsulated transformers in their series Mini, Standard and Ultraflat covers all the requirements according to physical space and technical features required by the power supply circuits used in printed circuit boards.

The HR encapsulated, improve the output of the conventional opened transformers , the encapsulated with self-extinguishing class F resin and the know-how HR during the resin application process in inductive components of critical application, make our transformers support humidity and aggressive ambient conditions with the highest reliability level.

Our value is the total integration of our product

  • Product design
  • Mould design and plastic injection
  • Own robotics engineering for our manufacture processes
  • Permanent reliability tests which prove the constant improvement of our products
>> Know HR product values
HR range

Mini series

0,35 VA - 0,6 VA

Ideal for low voltage applications and limited space

Standard series

0,5 VA - 25 VA

Designed for a wide range of voltages and limited space

Ultraflat series

2,4 VA - 30 VA

Also for a wide range of voltages but for limited height

Design and manufacture features

  • Manufactured according regulations EN61558, EN60590, EN60742, UL 506, UL1585
  • Self-extinguishing body plastic UL94 VO
  • Epoxy resin class F self-extinguishing UL94 VO
  • Two-chamber coil
  • Double isolation copper wire
  • Laser print case, which assures its permanent identification
  • Lead free connection pins
  • Available for ambient temperature of 40º C / 104º F and 70º C / 158º C
  • Thermal class materials B (130º C) or F (155º C) optional
  • Short circuit proof models to 3,2 VA
  • Certifications VDE, UL; others certifications under request: CSA, SEMKO


  • Containing 5 units (0,35 VA to 5 VA)
  • Containing 1 unit for higher power


Industrial packaging (from 30 to 200 units, depending on model)

Manufacturing process

All HR transformers work under real working conditions along the manufacturing process. The transformers support the reliability tests which prove their durability and keep all the functional parameters along their life term.

>> Total product integration

Our high level of automation and our wide experience in the inductive components manufacture, let us develop these transformers in robotic lines of assembly and control.